Five years ago this month Graeme and I moved in to the Bianca ready to start our new adventure as hoteliers! Although we had experience running ski chalets this was the first time either of us would be running a hotel and coupled with the fact it was all in another language to say it was a little scary is an understatement! We’d been to view the hotel numerous times before we purchased it but it wasn’t until we moved in that we realised how much work we were going to need to do to it to get it up and ready for our first summer season, only two months away. I thought it might be quite fun to share some of the old pictures of the Bianca from when we first moved in to today so that you can all see and hopefully agree that all the hard work has been worth it! There are many more things that we have on our to-do list but sometimes it’s nice to sit back and enjoy the changes!

Some before pics:


After pics 5 years on: